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Project & Programme Management

Our client-focused approach is the way, how we deliver complex projects in the challenging environment.

Cost Estimate

We support our clients in their development decisions by giving them the realistic cost at the location of the project in real time. The control over the value of the project at any time, is the only way how to succeed in today’s world.

Project Procurement

There are several different routes a company can take when it comes to strategic procurement in the construction sector. When selecting a route, the long-term objectives of the client’s business plan must be carefully considered.

Tender Preparation

Successful participation in tenders along with the required tender preparation plays a major role in project-oriented companies within the entire construction industry.

Project Scheduling

The time schedule is a major part of project preparation. It defines the entire workflow and highlights the critical path while the project is in progress.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is one of the main skills needed to be successful in the construction industry. Planing for the worst instead of waiting until the unthinkable happens.
About Coreoon

Individual approach together with outside of the box thinking are our priorities.



Baku, Azerbaijan

ADA University - Phase 2

Durmitor, Montenegro

Hotel Durmitor

Baku, Azerbaijan

Crescent Development Project

Prague, Czech republic

Jindrisska 28

Baku, Azerbaijan

ADA University

Kumbor, Montenegro


Cheb, Czech Republic

Retail Zone Cheb

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